November 18, 2019
Best New Music 2018

Top 5 Best New Music 2018 (Best 2018 Music Album So Far)

Top 5 Best New Music 2018 (Best 2018 Music Album So Far)- With deaths and feuds and seismic shifts at the highest reaches of pop, the world of music has been dramatic in 2018. It’s a time of transition when new faces and styles have emerged across genres.

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Young indie artists are showing the strengths of the basics of guitar music. Soundcloud rappers have introduced a new era of intimate, anxious hip-hop. And the biggest stars in the world are addressing their personal family struggles openly through music.

The best albums of 2018 represent a time in flux within the industry, within the culture, and beyond to our uncertain social-political climate.


Top 5 Best New Music 2018 (Best 2018 Music Album So Far)

Father John Misty: God’s Favorite Customer

More often than not, Josh Tillman’s Father John Misty persona can be, well, abrasive. During the promotion of his last album, Pure Comedy, he’d do things like tell the New York Times, “When the ledgers of history are drawn up, I’ll be on the side of the smokers and the masturbators. Those are my people.” It became more about the character, more about the preachy concept albums than the songwriting itself. It was exhausting. But this year, he quietly released God’s Favorite Customer—a more focused, mature, and nuanced collection of songs. it is among the number one in the best new music 2018.

Tierra Whack: Whack World

The Philadelphia singer and rapper’s phenomenal “visual auditory project” called Whack World is 15 tracks, 15 minutes long, and is available as a single music video. Each track, as you likely guessed, is exactly one minute, with the album playing out like a shuffle of glorious hooks that end entirely too soon.

I’ve often said that a great short song leaves you satisfied but wanting more—and frustratingly enough, Whack World does that with every single song. There are hooks that would make Frank Ocean jealous and raps that have actually made A$AP Rocky compare her to Kendrick.

To some, it is absolutely an infuriating and confusing concept—but that’s exactly what good art should do. Most importantly, though, this is a tease of incredible things to come from Tierra Whack.


Cardi B: Invasion of Privacy

Long before her first album—long before her music career—Cardi B was already a star. She’s a woman with such a massive personality that it must be shared with the world. It was bound to happen eventually, and on Invasion of Privacy, Cardi proves the massive success of “Bodak Yellow” was no fluke. It combines talent from some of the biggest emerging names in the game, while once again providing multiple options for song of the summer. It spits confidence and a fully realized image. It opens with an emotional biography of her origins dancing in New York, where she danced and developed her massive Instagram following. And it closes with a powerful SZA-assisted call to action: “Here’s a word to my ladies / Don’t you give these niggas none (give ’em none) / If they can’t make you richer, they can’t make you come.”


Everything Is Love: Jay-Z & Beyonce

Everything Is Love, Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s first full joint album as a couple, is a joyous and enlightened closing statement that acts as a finale to the greatest trilogy in modern music. It’s also the conclusion to the greatest story and trilogy in modern pop music. Following Lemonade and 4:44,

Everything Is Love is a happy ending in a time when it feels like there are none. And while their personal drama is the main tabloid hook, the couple manages to elevate that conversation to a direct-from-the-source analysis of betrayal, love, struggle, and the challenges of being black superstars and business moguls in America. The unity of the Carters is clear musically, too. This isn’t an album of two competing egos and superstar artists. Rather, Everything Is Love is a union of both Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s greatness.


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