September 20, 2019
50 Cent Get the strap MP3

Download Mp3 Audio-50 Cent Get The Strap Mp3 ft Murda, Casanova & 6ix9ine

Finally the long awaited single has dropped. I believe am not the only one who saw that coming right away. Well, if you are thinking that it is a rumor, we have the streaming link for the 50 Cent Get the strap MP3 ft Murda, Casanova and 6ix9ine.

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Notwithstanding, if you wish to download the mp3 online, we will give you list of some paid music websites where you can download the Get the Strap Mp3 by 50 Cent. Check out the download links in this best music download sites below


This is so awesome and very interesting! The long awaited single is here- 50 Cent Get the strap Mp3 featuring Casanova, 6ix9ine and Uncle. That is one of the hottest collabo of this weekend. This is another cool single after the drop of series of singles last week like

50 Cent Get the strap MP3

This Get the trap mp3 was first premiered during the episode of Power always on air during the weekend. Finally Tekashi and Casanova settled their differences by coming along and making their first appearances together after a long beef.

50 Cent buried the beat as he was served with his usual kind of beats. This is followed by Uncle Murda and Then Casanova, finally Tekashi wraps up the song.

Let us have a little preview of the 50 Cent Get the strap Mp3 lyrics below


I’m with the shits, my niggas still hit the licks
I’m stupid rich, still doing some stupid shit
You niggas know the vibes, scared to come outside
That’s the third time you’ve been got, second time you was shot
Your man just ain’t your man, he saw us first and fucking ran
We on a different type of time, you on some different shit
Now nigga, don’t play with me, play with a bitch
I ain’t ran into a problem that I can’t fix

That is an awesome lyrics and nice rhymes, the song is available forĀ  download and streaming online

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