September 19, 2019
Free TV Streaming Websites

What Are The Top 12 Free TV Streaming Websites For Free TV Shows Online

Nowadays, there is no need for buying a television or owning a cable channel to fully enjoy episodes of your favorite TV shows both online and offline whenever you want. There are plenty of Free TV Streaming websites out there that let you stream free TV shows online that include some of today’s most popular programs; connect your device to a TV for a night of comfy couch-surfing. The only problem is just knowing which site to look out for.

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The trick is finding the best sites to watch tv series, which isn’t always so easy to do. Some free tv online sites will scam you into signing up for unrelated fees while others require that you complete a survey before you can watch anything. And if you’re not careful, some stream tv shows online free sites that come with sketchy downloads can even infect your computer with viruses.

(Although this is true for many sites, Netflix now offers a fairly safe option for downloading TV shows and movies for offline viewing — and you can get all kinds of movie info from reputable online sources these days.)

If you’re going to use an unofficial site to watch TV, you’d best do your research to find out from other users whether it’s safe to do so first. Steer clear of any troublesome sites and check out the following high-quality, trusted streaming TV sites instead.

with the advent of the internet, owning a television set or buying a cable package isn’t necessary to enjoy TV shows. Plenty of websites let you watch free TV shows online. However, not all of them are legal. While some sites scam visitors into signing up for fees, others try to coax you into adding suspicious extensions to your browser.

If you are not careful enough, some sketchy websites come with downloads too that can infect your PC. Popular legal websites to watch TV series online usually charge a fee, and not all of us would prefer paying it. This is why I have curated a list of best sites for streaming TV shows for free and legally.

Therefore, in order for you to avoid those deceptive streaming sites, we have compiled a comprehensive list of best Free TV Streaming Websites for you to stream all your movies online free without sign up.


is there a website to watch tv shows for free Free TV Stream websites?

Yes! check the list below to get a handful of free tv streaming websites to enjoy live streaming of movies online



Free TV Streaming Websites
Free TV Streaming Websites

This is one of the best movies entertainment site that allows you to watch free tv shows. Crackle is on our number one list on the list of Free TV Streaming websites to watch online tv shows, series for free. There is no limit on the movies that you can stream and stream on this site. All you have to do is simply follow the sign-up process on the site to complete your account login on crackle and begin enjoying Free TV Streaming Websites.

You can also stream episodes across multiple devices like Android TV or smart TVs. While the videos are not exactly ad-free but they are 100% legal to watch.

All you need to do is create a free account to start watching. Just click the TV tab in the top menu or search for a show title, choose the episode you want and enjoy. You can also use filter options to browse through shows based on genre, alphabetical order, recently added, full episodes, clips, trailers and what’s coming soon

Why use Crackle for TV shows?

  • Hosts around 40-50 TV series and more than 150 full-length movies
  • Stream videos across multiple devices
  • Free mobile apps available
  • Multiple languages



Free TV Streaming Websites
Best Free TV Streaming Websites

Tubi is another incredible alternative to the online TV world that operates legally through license agreements. And just like Crackle, it also includes movies and it is among the Free TV Streaming websites in our list today. Tubi TV is totally free, and you can actually just click on a show and start watching without even setting up a free account. It’s worth it to sign up for an account and start watching, however, because the platform will start tracking your viewing history so that it can learn about your preferences to make better suggestions for you.

Browse through all your standard categories like Action, Drama, Comedy, and others or take a look at some of the interesting categories like Cult Favorites and Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes. With over 40,000+ shows and movies available and more being added all the time, Tubi TV is quickly growing to become a TV favorite for internet users everywhere. You can even download the Tubi iOS or Android app to take your TV watching on the go. It is a great apps to watch English tv shows free

Why use Tubi?

  • Good collection free TV shows
  • Free Android and iOS apps
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast Streaming Service


Yahoo View

Free TV Streaming Websites

Some years ago, Hulu was among one of the best apps to watch English tv shows free and Free TV Streaming websites until Hulu ended its popular free TV streaming plan leaving several viewers disappointed. Thankfully, Yahoo has picked up the role by partnering up with Hulu and launching a new service called Yahoo View which offers almost, if not all of the content that was previously available on Hulu for free.

Yahoo View has a vast range of free TV shows across various genres such as Comedy, Drama, Reality, Documentaries, etc. In the kid’s section, you can find famous cartoons like Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls. For the anime lovers, this platform offers several famous series including Naruto (complete series), Fullmetal Alchemist, Ergo Proxy, etc.

The only downside is that the categories do not display all the shows in one place. But you can use this directory to find all the listings in a single page.

Why use Yahoo View?

  • For watching both current and classic TV shows
  • High-quality videos



Free TV Streaming Websites

While Popcornflix is mainly known for its great range of full-length movies, documentaries, foreign films and original web series, it’s also a great place to check out for unique TV shows that are hard to find anywhere else — including cable TV. It is among the top ranking Free TV Streaming websites.

If you’re a millennial looking for some serious childhood nostalgia, you’ll want to check out Popcornflix’s 90’s TV offering featuring classics like The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Adventures of Super Mario 3 Bros. and more.

Why use Popcornflix as Free TV Stream websites?

  • Clean interface and well-categorized sections
  • Watch TV shows and movies without signing up
  • Free Android and iOS apps available



Free TV Streaming Websites

In our list of Free Tv streaming websites, Retrovision is the best website to watch free classic TV shows. The best part is, it offers a great collection of classic movies too if you are interested. The content hosted on this platform is available under the public domain and therefore, completely legal for downloading and streaming free TV series.

Navigating the website is pretty easy, and you will find all the shows listed on a single page. From Sherlock Holmes to Star Trek, Retrovision has an extensive array of shows straight from the ‘50s and ‘60s. In fact, it has an amazing collection of cartoons for kids like Popeye and Superman back from the old days!

Why use Retrovision?

  • To stream free classic TV shows online
  • Neat interface and properly outlined categories
  • No sign-up required and free Android app available


ShareTV is a search engine-like hub for TV shows (as well as movies). Described as a community-based website for fans of network television, the site claims to have every show you could possibly think of — complete with countdowns to the next new episode. It is also among the best Free TV Streaming websites available on the internet to download

Browse through genres or check out What’s New Tonight and Trending Shows. Simply click on a show and use the checkbox options for Free, Purchase, Subscription or TV Everywhere to find what you’re looking for. Clicking on an episode will expand a summary and list of sources where you can watch it



Free TV Streaming Websites

Similar to ShareTV, Yidio is a TV show source aggregator that points you in the direction of other third-party hosts where you should be able to watch a particular episode. In addition to using the right sidebar to browse by genre, you can use the menu at the top to filter available shows by what’s available on several premium streaming services, but if you’re looking for something to watch for free, you’ll want to select the Free filter.

When you click on a show, you’ll be shown a summary based on IMDb info along with several thumbnails of episodes that are available. Click on any thumbnail to be taken to the specific episode listing as Free TV Streaming websites.

The downside to using Yidio is that its free listings aren’t the most accurate or update to date, and you may come across a show that only has short clips rather than full episodes available to watch for free despite its listing in the Free category. There are lots of ads to Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes in the way, but if the episode is indeed free, links to free sources (such as YouTube) will be available at the very bottom for you to click on

Why use Yidio?

  • High-quality videos available
  • Hosts several popular sitcoms



Lots of people don’t realize that YouTube is actually among the great Free TV Streaming websites and place to look for television shows. While you won’t exactly get access to the most current or popular shows (unless you pay), nor a guaranteed high-quality viewing experience, you might still be pleasantly surprised by what’s available on the web’s largest video sharing network.

Just search for a show title and see what comes up. For example, if you search Boy Meets World — an old ABC family sitcom from the 90s — several uploaded episodes from virtually every season will come up. On the other hand, if you search for Grey’s Anatomy — a more current and popular television drama — you’ll notice results will come up where you’ll have to pay a fee to stream it legally on YouTube



Free TV Streaming Websites

CW Network lets you stream some of its content for free on its website. This platform has a good collection of superhero flicks like Arrow and The Flash. For those interested in supernatural drama can check out series like The Originals or Supernatural.

However, the content is limited to this free TV series streaming site, and many of them are removed after some time. But overall the video quality is outstanding, and the streaming is pretty fast compared to other websites.

Why use CW Free TV streaming websites?

  • To watch content from CW TV network
  • No subscription required or signing up




Free TV Streaming WebsitesHopefully, you found at least one show you’d like to watch from the sites suggested above, but if you’re still on
the hunt for more options, perhaps Popcorn Time could work for you. First, you should know that this one doesn’t exactly work like the Free TV Streaming websites listed above. Popcorn Time is actually an open-source application that you download to your computer, which then allows you to freely stream TV show and movie torrents.

Yes, torrents. In other words, most of the content you’ll find on Popcorn Time is pirated. Tons of web users torrent online content all the time and have been doing so for years, but it’s up to you to know the consequences you might face from using a service like Popcorn Time depending on the country you’re in.

Popcorn Time is known to be one of Netflix’s big competitors. It offers high quality, fast streaming and even lays out titles in a similar visual way that Netflix does. Despite the fact that users are likely watching stolen content, many swear by this service.



Are you in the UK? If you are, then you’ll want to know about TVPlayer — a free TV streaming websites that offers 95 channels for free on both the desktop and mobile devices, including shows that are currently airing live. 30 premium channels are available to users who upgrade to a Plus account for a monthly fee. (Sorry, U.S. readers; this site is just for readers across the pond.)

Free channels include popular ones like BBC 1, Discovery, ITV, Dave, Five, History, Lifetime and many more. All you have to do to sign up is create an account with your email address, verify your account creation and start watching!

Obviously, the big downside with this one is that it’s restricted to users in the UK. If you’re located somewhere else, like in the US, you can still create an account and sign in, but if you try to watch something, TVPlayer will first check to make sure you’re in the UK and will block access if you’re not.


Pluto Tv


Free TV Streaming WebsitesPluto TV actually works like a regular television where you can flip through TV channels to find what catches your fancy. This free TV show streaming website has several channels where you can watch daily soaps, sports, news and more. Use this directory to see all the listings in one place.

There are separate sections for comedy, entertainment, lifestyle, movie, music and even curiosity which has channels like Science TV and NASA TV. You can choose to watch the content through mobile, PV or a smart TV but the only downside is that you get to watch stuff that is available at the moment.

Why use Pluto TV?

Most extensive collection of TV channels covering every topic
Loads quickly and has a neat interface



Free TV Streaming Websites

Snagfilms covers a lot of topics such as Drama, Kids, Family, World History, Wildlife, and Environment. However, if you are looking for a current TV series, you might get a little disappointed. But in case you are interested in watching some rare classic movies and award-winning documentaries on this website, you will love this website.

This free Tv streaming website also offers apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Roku and Smart TV. While watching, you might come across in-video ads but I suppose that’s okay as long as we get some awesome free videos to watch.



FlixTor describes itself as “a fully automated Video Search engine.” It claims to automatically scan popular streaming websites every hour to feature the best quality shows and movies. You can find some of the most current shows listed on this site and browse through the latest releases, sort them by rating or search for a specific title. Just click on an episode to start watching immediately.

Now there’s a bit of a catch with this one. Anyone can watch the first three episodes of the first season of a show plus any episodes that have been released in the last six months. If you want to access to all episodes, however, you’ll have to sign up for a VIP account by making a donation and getting a premium account with file host provider Xubster.

Yes, it’s annoying — particularly because you have to purchase the file host account in addition to making the donation — but the folks who run FlixTor can only continue to offer an ad-free site and viewing experience with support from their VIP members. At the very least, by sticking with its free use, you can see whether a show is worth watching or catch up on missed episodes that recently aired Free TV Streaming Websites.

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