September 18, 2019
King Los ft Wiz Khalifa Dope Dealer

Download Mp3: King Los ft Wiz Khalifa – Dope Dealer

Download Mp3 King Los ft Wiz Khalifa Dope Dealer- King Los’ “Dope Dealer” doesn’t follow the conventional wisdom of natural selection. Baby girl calls him a “Dope Dealer,” and that arrangement works just fine with curtains drawn. Los talks a good game about putting his woman in stitches, thus making himself indispensable in the relationship.

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Wiz Khalifa follows suit with his own way of seeing. Together they paint a pretty vivid picture of what it likes to receive a care package after spending the night with rap royalty.

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“Dope Dealer” produced by J Oliver, 4point0 & Dcember Moon, is King Los’ single leading up to 410 Survival Kit, a project he promised a year and a half ago. King Los is in a rare position to provide Baltimore with a fresh perspective. He’s one, if not the only, local rapper with a national profile, not tied to any party or school of thought. Give us your take on “Dope Dealer,” his play on the existing trope.

King Los ft Wiz Khalifa Dope Dealer (Quotable Lyrics):

Baby girl call me Doctor Zaddy
She said it feel like she popped a Xanie
All you gotta do is hit the number
Let the thing leak now she say she need a plumber
Get you in the bedroom and hit you with the stunner
Got you walking like your booty got big for the summer.

King Los ft Wiz Khalifa Dope Dealer


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