December 13, 2019
Movies Counter

Movies Counter: Download Free Bollywood, Punjabi, Hollywood HD Movies

Where can I download full Free Bollywood, Punjabi, Hollywood, HD movies for free? This is the question that is on everyone’s lips.

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Movies are released on daily basis but the issue lies on how to download those movies without facing any issues. Movies Counter website is the perfect answer that you have been looking for. It is one of the best movie websites where you can download the latest movies updated daily on the website.

Movies counter website is very reliable and that is the site that we are also recommending to you today. We will give you the necessary details of this website and also give you the steps on how you can download movies from the site for free. Sit back and relax and read further carefully.

Meanwhile, before we move to the guidelines on how to download movies on movies counter platform, it is very important that we give you a brief review of this site that we are recommending to you. The aim of this movie site review is to enable you to understand how the site operates and what you should be expecting from the website.

Movies Counter Site Review

First and foremost, the official webpage of the site is It is a website that allows you to download latest movies like Hindi movies, Hollywood movies, English movies, and Punjabi movies. Now when you visit the site, you will find the following categories at the top menu bar;

  • Home
  • Latest Movies
  • Popular categories
  • Hindi Movies
  • English Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Dual Audio Movies
  • Movies By Year
  • TV Series

The Home category allows you to land on the home page of movies counter whenever you tap on it. Once you tap on the option, it automatically returns you back to the home page of the site. On the latest movies option, it actually contains the list of the newly updated movies on the site. The popular categories are all about the different genres of movies available for download on movies counter. You can find genres like actions, adventures, animation e.t.c Hindi movies are the option where all Hindi movies are stored. So if you are looking for Hindi movies, simply tap on that option.

English movies contain movies in the English language. This is so because the site is majorly for Indian movies. So it has to include some English movies for other visitors to the site. Punjabi movies section has in it all Punjabi movies for you to download easily. You can also locate the movies on the site by using the Movies By Year option. When you tap on this option, it brings out a drop-down menu for some specific years. Choose any of the years there to download the movies released in that particular year. Finally, the TV Series option where you can find all tv series from the movies counter website.

Features Of Movies Counter Site: A site For Full HD Movies Download

This section explains to you in full details some of the essential features of this website for a clearer appreciation of the site. This will also influence your decision whether to download from the site or try out other alternatives to Movies counter site.

Free HD Movies Download: Why pay for movies when you can get them for free on Movies counter? This site has free HD movies for you to download. The movies available for download on Movies Counter are for free and without any form of registration. I bumped into this site when I got tired of paying for movies on some other sites that are not free. I thought it wise to share it to enable you to download your movies for free and also in Full HD format. When I visited the site, I need not worry about creating an account before I can download from the site. It was very fast and easy without those stress of registration and divulging of personal information.

Simple Website Design: One more thing that was appealing to me on the movies counter website is the simple design of the site. This makes it more user-friendly for the visitors on the site. It has a nice theme which is compatible with any device that you are using. So you can actually visit the site on your mobile device or with your PC device. You will surely fall in love with the design of the site.

Absence Of Ads: It is very difficult for you to find a free movie website that does not have ads placed on the site. Most of the times, paid movie site also have ads running on the site. The case is quite different here on Movies counter. As at the time of writing this article, there are no ads placed on the homepage of the site. This avoids interference with the users’ experience on the site. Allowing its visitors to download movies without stress from the site.

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Latest Movies: One good thing that sustains a movie site is the frequency of updates of the movies on the site. Movies has been able to keep up with the demand on a daily basis.Newly released movies are always included in the latest movies section at the home page of the website. The updates in general from the Hindi movies, English movies, Punjabi movies, and others. With this feature available, you have the assurance of always downloading the latest Hd movies from Movies Counter website.

Movies On Request: Movies counter allows you to make a request for any of the movie that is not yet available for you to download from their site for you. You can make this movie request by tapping on the movie request banner and then drop the name of the movie in the comment box below. The response comes faster. This is how it looks like.Movies Counter

High-quality Movies: this is another reason why I love this Movies Counter website. It allows me to download movies in high quality into my device. This is the wish of any visitor to any movie site. To get the best quality movies from that site. This platform has the standard quality that you are looking for.

Now that we have spoken at length about the features of Movies counter site, it is the time we move over to how you can download movies from the site for free. So if you are ready, let us go to the next sub-heading on how to download movies from this platform.

Basic Guides To Download From Movies Counter @

  • The first step that you need to follow is to visit the official site of the website with
  • Simply enter the name in the search bar of your browser.
  • When you get to the home page, choose the movie of your choice by tapping on any of the categories( Hindi movies, Latest Movies, English Movies e.t.c). More so, you can use the search button to enter the name of the movie and hit the search button. This will display the search results for you.
  • Choose the movie by tapping on the picture of the movie or the name of the movie
  • On the next page that will display, tap on the “blue download” buttonMovies Counter
    Note: if you do not want to be redirected to another site, avoid using this download button or play online button.Movies Counter
  • After you click on the blue download button, the movie on movies counter starts downloading automatically.
    Wait patiently for the download to be completed. Enjoy your movie

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