November 20, 2019
Nicki Minaj Sorry Ft Nas Mp3

Download New Mp3: Nicki Minaj – Sorry Ft. Nas

Nicki Minaj Sorry Ft Nas Mp3 Download Nicki Minaj – Sorry Ft. Nas.

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Nicki Minaj may have just released her Queen album, but the top amercian artiste is not done with her set of songs. It was just few days ago after she dropped songs like Barbie Dreams, Sir ft Future, Majesty ft Eminem.

Today (Aug. 11), Funk Master Flex debuted a new track called “Sorry” featuring Nicki’s former lover Nas.

Produced by ILL Wayno, the instrumental is almost a direct sample of Shelly Thunder’s song of the same name, which in turn was inspired by Tracy Chapman’s “Baby Can I Hold You.” Nicki interpolates the chorus on the Reggae fused single, and Nas shows up for a memorable verse before the track ends.

The chemistry between Nas and Nicki can be fully appreciated on this record, and The Godson seems to come alive in the presence of the self-appointed Queen. Nicki even calls to Nas in the chorus, singing, “My baby, can I hold you tonight?/ And maybe if I told you the right words/Ooh, at the right time, you be Nas.”

Nicki Minaj Sorry Ft Nas Mp3 Quotable Lyrics

Thought you were s3xy as ever
Flexing with your ex, I couldn’t disrespect ya
Later on, I undress ya, couldn’t wait to s3x ya
Made a nigga wait so long, but it was special
Light travel faster than sound
Lightning strike one second every point two miles
So when you first saw me emerge from a weed cloud
Electricity touch your soul, that’s how I get down

You can stream Nicki Minaj sorry ft Nas mp3 on soundcloud below or download the song from this music download site

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