November 13, 2019
Rampage 2018 Movie

Rampage Movie (Dwyane Johnson Upcoming Movies 2018) Review

Warner Bros Pictures brings you the upcoming movie( Rampage Movie) to be released soon starring dwyane johnson(the rock). Check out the release date, how to download the rampage unleashed mobile game app and list of the cast in the movie.

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Short Storyline( Synopsis)-The Rampage Movie

Davis Okoye is a primatologist who shares an undisputed and unshakable relationship bond with George ( The intelligent and reliable Gorilla). The Gorilla has been under Davis Okoye care since the birth of the gigantic Gorilla.

Recently, George the Gorilla was affected by a massive genetic scientific experiment that was carried out. The side effect of the experiment resulted in changing the animals in the Ape Kingdom into dangerous monsters. The Ape kingdom has gone wild and they are ready to kill all humans alive.

Davis Okoye( Dwayne Johnson) has to form a team with some mighty engineers to manufacture drugs( antidote) to salvage the situation and to save the world from potential disaster. Okoye has the double-edged task of saving the world and saving his old time friend the Gorilla.

The question is, How is Okoye going to achieve this difficult task without killing the Gorilla?

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Rampage Movie Details

Genres: Action Movie, Adventures and Sci-fi Movie

Director: Brad Peyton (His 3rd Movie with Dwayne Johnson)

Language: The rampage movie 2018 is available in English and Spanish

Location: Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Production Team: Brad Peyton, Beau Flynn, John Rickard, Hiram Garcia

Story line: The Rampage Movie story line was compiled by Ryan Engle

Basis Of the movie: The movie is based on the story line in the Midway Games story

Production Companies: New Line Cinema, Seven Bucks Productions, Flynn Pictures and Rickard Pictures

Action Time: 107 minutes

Rampage Movie Trailer Video

Rampage Movie 2018 Release Date

The movie will be released on April 13, 2018. Save the date

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Rampage Movie 2018

List Of The Cast In movie-Rampage

  • Dwayne Johnson stars as Davis Okoye, the popular primatologist and a dear friend of George( The Gorilla. He lives in the unit or Rwanda
  • Naomie Harris is Dr. Kate Caldwell, an important and professional genetic engineer who teams up with Davis Okoye to save the world from the adverse effect of the genetic experiment on the Apes
  • Malin Akerman is Claire Wyden, the woman who is responsible for the infection of the Ape and George through her experiment
  • Joe Manganiello as Burke is also a leader of a private military group
  • Marly Shelton as a renowned scientist and an astronaut
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan( Agent Russel) and also a government agent working for an agency called OGA
  • Will Yun Lee is known as agent Park
  • Urijah Faber is a henchman of the Claire Wyden


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History of the Production of the Movie (Rampage Movie)

Recently Warner Bros production company bought the film adaptation rights to the Arced Game Rampage in 2009 for $33 million. The project of the movie Rampage was declared in the month of November 2011 and John Rickard was appointed as the producer of the movie.

On June 2015, Dwayne Johnson was unveiled as the star actor of the movie who will join hands again with New line producer( Beau Flynn) to make the movie awesome. Brad Peyton was later chosen as the director of the movie

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How To Download The Rampage Movie (Mobile And Game App)

The producer of this movie has also developed a mobile game which is in form of an app for you to have an experience of what the movie is about. The rampage unleashed game app is available for download on the Google and apple play store. You can download it on your device.

Which Movie Site Can I Download The Rampage Movie 2018?

The movie is yet to be released worldwide. We promise to provide you with the download link of the movie when it is released on April 2018.

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