September 15, 2019
Export Text Messages from Windows Phone

Simple Steps To Export Text Messages from Windows Phone

Export Text Messages from Windows Phone has now been made very easy with these few steps below. It is very important for you to note some very simple guidelines before you go over to transfer text messages from your windows phone to another phone. Although, the task is an easy one but much care must be applied before doing so.

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The steps are not really technical because it is what you can do at home. Thus with the steps below you can now Export Text Messages from Windows Phone to any other device or phone of your choice for safe keeping.

How to Transfer text messages from windows phone to windows phone

Previously, Microsoft Windows phone users could back up their data using Transfer my Data app but there is a new and better option now. The contacts+message backup app is the new solution. This will do the trick in helping you back up and restore important data and also Export Text Messages from Windows Phone. So let see how we can use this app.

How to use the contacts+message backup app to export Text messages from windows phone

  1. First, you will have to get a clean SD card to ensure that the backup process does not fail. When I say a clean SD, I mean one that is free of malware or your data might still not be safe. So get a clean SD.
  2. Now you will need to download the contacts+message backup app from the Microsoft store and install it on your phone. After installation, you will need to find the interface in the settings section-other apps are usually found in the apps section.
  3. Once you are in settings, you just have to scroll down to the app’s name then agree with the licensing requirements to proceed with the tool.
  4. Then click on the Backup option to proceed to the things you would like to store on the SD card. However, three options are provided by this app: SMS, MMS, and Contacts. When you have selected what you would like to store, click on Backup.
  5. All you need to do now is wait for a few minutes for the process to terminate when it starts. After the process is complete, you will find a folder named backup+restore folder on the SD card. Note that Windows Phone SMS will be stored as XML files while contacts will be stored in a VCF format.

Export Text Messages From Windows Phone

Restoring you contact is quite easier and takes less amount of time than backing them up. However, our dear contacts+message backup app will be needed. Let us see how we could restore our already backed up data.

  • The phone where you want to restore Windows Phone data should have the contacts+message backup app to accomplish this. If it does not have the tool then you should download it from the store. Obviously, it should be a windows phone which supports the app.
  •  Now with the contacts+message backup app installed, you would just have to insert the SD card that contains the backup+restore folder. Or you can copy the folder into the phone then go to settings and find the app name then click on restore. Click on the items you want to restore then choose the point where the backup is stored and click on restore then wait for the process.

Transfer text messages from windows phone to computer or PC

Maybe you would want to backup your data on a PC instead. Then this few steps can help solve that problem. The Wondershare Mobiletrans. This is a smart and one-click phone transfer and backup program. It lets you backup possibly anything.  You can backup photos, videos, music files on Windows phone to PC in 1 click. It’s a totally risk-free and user-friendly tool. The few steps below should do the trick.

  •  First, you would have installed and run the phone transfer program, the Wondershare MobileTrans on the Windows PC. Then select Back Up Your Phone from the displayed options.
  •  Then connect your Windows Phone to the computer via USB cables. Wondershare Mobiletrans will recognize the Windows Phone automatically.
  •  You already know Wondershare Mobiletrans can support to back up the photos, videos, and music files on Windows Phone to PC. So just go ahead and select the file types you would like to back up and click Start Transfer.
  • Note that you can customize the location of your backup folder. To do this simply click the menu on the right top of the window and then choose “Settings”. Click on “Browse” to select the file location of your choice and then click on “OK”. Finish

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