December 12, 2019

The Best Christian Movies to Watch On Netflix

The Unmiracle

 christian movies to watch on netflix

All you really need to know is that this is one of the best christian movie to watch on netflix. Movie stars Hailey Baldwin’s dad (sorry, Hailey Bieber’s dad) Stephen Baldwin. But in case you want a little more info, it’s about a town’s turn to faith when one of its residents unexpectedly dies of an overdose.

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Let the Church Say Amen’

christian movie

Regina King directed this movie about a single mom trying to fix her relationship with her dad — a preacher who balances the responsibilities of his church with his responsibility to his family.

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Looking for a cozy movie that also happens to take place at Christmas? Check, check. What we have here is a down-on-his-luck business man who stops at NOTHING to make sure his town’s Christmas pageant is lit in more ways than one.

Once I Was a Beehive

Ever get forced to go to church camp and then have it turn out to be a great, enriching experience where you made lifelong friends? Then this movie is one of the best christian movies on netflix, and this movie is for you — yes, you!

The Case for Christ

netlix christian movie

Ever questioned whether or not God exists? The creator of this documentary is right there with you, and he spends two years investigating the topic. Spoiler alert: He starts off as a self-declared atheist, but has a much more complex outlook by the end of the film. The movie is very absorbing, truly one of the best christian movie on netflix.

My Daddy Is in Heaven

This emotional movie is about a woman’s crisis of faith after her husband suddenly dies and she’s tasked with raising their daughter all by herself. Based on a true story, this one is particularly inspiring.

I’m in Love with a Church Girl

christian movie on netflix

This one is rightly on of the best christian movies on netflix. They say opposites attract right? Right. Well, this movie is about a drug dealer who falls for a super religious church-going girl. Let’s just say things get complicated in this awesome netflix movie

The Preacher’s Son

You know what’s not ideal for a preacher? To have all your family’s dirty laundry aired in public — which is exactly what happens in this movie. But to quote the film’s tagline, “in the end, faith and family are all we have.”

Mountain Top

christian movies to watch on netflix

This is a courtroom movie crossed with a spiritual drama, about a lawyer-turned-pastor who helps a man accused of embezzling money from his church. Your heart will be nice and toasty by the end. So if you are looking for one of the best christian movies to watch on netflix this ine is one of them.

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