September 19, 2019
Tory Lanez ft Bryson Tiller keep in touch mp3 download

Tory Lanez & Bryson Tiller “Keep In Touch” (OFFICIAL MP3 AUDIO)

Today we have new mp3 titled keep in touch Tory Lanez ft Bryson Tiller. This Tory Lanez keep in touch mp3 is a wonderful track by the American rapper. So if you are looking for Tory Lanez ft Bryson Tiller keep in touch mp3 download we have it for you in this post.

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With Love Me Now? in the pipeline, Tory Lanez has come forth with a new venture, teaming up with a fellow melodic soul, Bryson Tiller. Today, the pair have brought “Keep In Touch” to the masses (though at the time we’re looking at select international markets), which serves as a lead single from Tory’s upcoming album.

To be clear, the man actually has two projects in the works, but given that this song is English, we can rule out the fabled “Latin Album.”

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The offering is perfect for those who enjoy Lanez’ RnB adjacent stylings, and for those building that quintessential “Thug Luv” playlist, you may very well have a new contender.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a self-proclaimed Romeo or a grinch of sorts – the latest banger from Lanez and Tiller will, in all likelihood, having you browsing your local flower shop. Is this the direction you want to see Tory take for his new album? Sound off below.

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Tory Lanez ft Bryson Tiller keep in touch mp3 download Quotable Lyrics

Here are the lyrics for the Tory Lanez keep in touch mp3 song. This is actually some of the verses of the full lyrics that we picked out.

I took the 95 to get from West Palm
Think I need a break from everything
Yes, I’m stressed way more than usual
I’m gettin’ thing back in order
Getting things back to how they used to be
Back to when the scrutiny had no effect on you and me

Stream Tory Lanez keep in touch mp3 on soundcloud below



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