September 19, 2019
use Roku without internet

When You Can use Roku without internet Connection or WiFi

Can use Roku without internet Connection or WiFi? Do you know that you can use Roku TV without internet connection to stream blockbuster movies and latest Tv shows. It is very easy and simple. Now it is usual for Roku to require an internet connection. This is because Roku streaming players are low power devices and it is made to always remain connected to the internet.

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Roku TV allows you to connect it to your smart TV and with such connection you can watch all kind of movies, shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime

When you want to stream movies and TV shows, you need an high speed internet connection and even a hospot will not be sufficient to serve as a high speed connection.

However, it is important to note that Roku account set up requires an internet connection for you to complete the sign up process.

Another point that you need to note is that Roku has lots of channels. However, some of the channels may not work without an internet connection.


How you can Use Roku Without Internet Connection

Now, there are some services my roku TV that does not require any internet connection. In that way Roku is possible without any internet connection. Some of those services are

  • You can stream local files through your PC or you can adopt a USB stick. That is only possible if you have the Roku with a USB port.
  • You will find most of the games on Roku accessible without an internet connection
  • A Roku TV can be used as a standard HDTV without the need for an internet connection. However, when you want to stream movies and TV shows, an internet connection is required.

Aside the above situations, Roku only works with internet and you cannot use roku without internet or wifi.


use Roku without internet

Why You cannot use Roku without  Internet connection

Roku is an internet powered device and it really cannot function perfectly without connecting it to a network service. Then they connect to your home network through their wireless network.

Now the kind of internet connection that you need is a broadband service for it to work well. if you want the Roku to work well, then you have to avoid using mobile hotspot.



The final verdict as to whether you can use Roku without internet or wifi  lies on your interest. If you wish to enjoy the full services of roku TV ,then you need to connect it to an internet regularly but not permanently. We believe that we have given you sufficient answers to your query.


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