November 13, 2019

How to Watch Free Movies On Iroko Tv –

watch movies on iroko tv for free

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You can watch Watch Free Movies On Iroko, there are movies in the platform that are available to watch for free. W all know that IROKO is one of Nigeria’s largest internet and entertainment companies. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they showcase the very best of Nollywood, Africa’s most popular, best loved for of entertainment, with movie fans tuning in from every single corner of the earth. With hit movies and awesome original TV series, playing on IROKO apps, TV channels and via their global distribution partnerships, they are the platform for African storytelling.

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Iroko TV brings to you top exciting series such as Stalemate, My Neighbors Wives, Jenifa’s Diary, Black and White, Husbands of Lagos, Aso Ebi and so much more. You can simply find any movie you are looking for using the search tab on their app or the webpage would ultimately filter out results in a really accurate manner. Iroko TV station is now available on your mobile phone both on androids and ios. Below is the steps to take to watch movies on iroko tv for free.

How to Watch Free Movies On Iroko Tv

To watch free movies on iROKOtv,

  1. Visit
  2. Download their app as they almost would not allow you do much without their app.
  3. After app download, click on subscribe button
  4. Register on by filling the form and confirm your subscription via your e-mail
  5. Select a payment method for your subscription and make payment respectively.

iROKOtv requires subscription to download and watch. Iroko tv suscription is very cheap, according to iROKOtv website, subscriptions are less than the price of two meatpies. So you have an idea, how much subscription is going to cost if there word is anything to go by. You can also ask any of their customer care reps for a discount, so whatever the price is, it’s very much negotiable.

Once you’ve subscribed and your account is set up,

  • Log back on to
  • Simply type the word “FREE” into the search tab and allow it to search for less than a minute.
  • Movie results are displayed and those movies are exactly the ones you’re searching for.

The results displayed are movies that have the “FREE” tag attached to them. It is just like walking to a movie store and heading straight to the free rent shelf. Of course you have to a member of the movie club or how else would they be rest assured you’ll make a return on your free rent.

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There a lot of free movies on iROKOtv but most of them are old movies. You almost can’t find a new movie with in “FREE” catalogue. So if what you’re looking for is a new movie, hold your cash as you head to the movie store. So if you want to watch the latest movies on iroko I  advice you subscribe to their platform, its very much affordable.

In case you have question on how to watch free movies on iroko tv, use the comments section to make it know to us and we will get back to you shortly or you can contact the irokotv through iROKOtv Customer Service Support: 0800-333-0000, e-Mail:, Skype:, BBM: 7F3231C6.

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