December 12, 2019
www waptrick com

WWW Waptrick Com: Download Waptrick Games | Free Mp3 Music | Videos

Www waptrick com is an entertainment hub where you can easily download hosts of mobile applications, mp3 music, free mobile games, Wallpapers and even music lyrics. It is one of the most visited platforms for online mobile users to get good contents. So, if you have been on a long search for a cool website to download mp3 music, games, videos, ringtones, wallpapers and more, then waptrick is the answer.

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Here, in this post, our focus will contain a complete review of the website including its features and also more information on how you can download music, games, mobile applications, wallpapers, videos and other contents from the website.

Waptrick Mp3, Mp4, Games, Videos, Wallpaper, Applications Download is a site that allows different types of contents and it is unarguably the most popular downloading site for personal computers and mobile phones worldwide. A broad range of free ringtones, mobile games, video clips, music mp3, live wallpapers, phone and pc applications, mobile videos and themes are available for downloads on this website.

Furthermore, it is an ever-growing website that boasts of millions of downloads every day since 2014. It is a source of new downloads for people who love games, videos, music, etc. The large collection of the files is grouped by name, date, and type to ease the navigation of the website. Also, the website can be accessed with a non-smart, WAP-enabled phone.

As of 2014, Webutations rated Waptrick as secured from malware and viruses. While Google Safe Browsing Standards ranked the site as a safe site. You can download tons of music, video, games, themes, wallpapers and much more. However, there are no limitations to what you can choose to download on this site. This stands as another good reason why users find the website friendly for their daily mobile downloads.

www Waptrick com Free Files Download

If you plan on downloading some files from waptrick, you can follow these instructions below as a guide.

  • Go to or click HERE.
  • Search for the file of your choice using the search box at the top of the website next to the logo.
  • You are to select your download option when the list appears. The best quality, standard quality, and low quality of what you need.
  • Click the one you prefer and commence download.
  • When your download is complete, you can check for its location on your mobile device and install or enjoy your music.

www Waptrick com: List of games, videos, music, and Applications categories

This website has some categories that keep its users glued to the website. Some of the top pages on the web app are as follow:

Waptrick Games: download games for their device. This section is updated on a regular basis. So if you are a game player, I guess you will be glad to find this website.

Videos: This section offers different types of videos to download for free. The videos are categories into a different section for users to access easily.

Themes section contains a huge selection of themes for a different type of mobile devices. This themes can help beautify your mobile device display.

Waptrick photos and wallpapers give you access to a large number of images to download for personal use.

However, the above are some of the top visited section on Go to the website and explore a large variety of useful service for your personal and commercial usage.

www Waptrick com Account?

Users do not require registrations of any kind to access this website. All they need to do is to visit the website’s URL ( and download whatever they wish to download.

If you’re not certain about a song you want to download, you can type the title of the song or the name of the artist. When you’ve done this, different results will be displayed and you can choose the one you want. You could search for other files like this too.

www Waptrick com Mobile and Desktop Versions

Though some apps on the site are downloadable on your mobile phone, but might not be compatible with your personal computer. Reasons owing to having two versions, but this depends on the device that you use in accessing the website. There are the Mobile and desktop version of the website.

Mobile Version:

This version is only accessible to users that visit the site with a mobile phone. This means that any application or file that is shown here is compatible with any mobile phone that has an internet connection. This possible because the website automatically checks the capacity of the device that is used to access and then it comes out with what your device can handle.

Desktop Version:

This version is accessible to those who visit the website with devices like laptops, desktops and some kind of tablets.

Sometimes, applications for a mobile device may be downloaded to a desktop, and it won’t work cause they are not compatible. This also happens when an application compatible with a pc is downloaded with mobile. The only solution is to download applications compatible with its specific device.

 Download Apps

On, there are lots of useful apps you can find. That feature has however done more good to its popularity. And no need to worry about virus and malware because it is completely safe. Another good feature right?

So here are all the amazing and fun apps you can enjoy. Just open the URL ‘’ on your preferred browser. Note that all of these applications are available for downloads and are for free.

  • Free mp3 Music
  • Mp4 Movies
  • Lyrics
  • Pictures and photos
  • Sound effects
  • Horoscope
  • Animations
  • Android applications
  • Free sound FX library and funny sounds

Waptrick Daily Update Feature

Isn’t that so interesting? A daily update where you don’t get to see same old stuff over and over again. This is one feature that draws and attract people’s attention to Waptrick updates its site on a daily basis, on its various categories.  Music, animations, pictures, games and so on are all updated daily.

Simply go to, and you’ll find the update icon easily on the homepage. If you would like to see and possibly download the newly updates apps and categories.

Waptrick Similar Sites

What do think? Cool right? A site for the younger ones under the age of 18. Obviously, the reason should not come as news to you. Frankly speaking, you know some of the things you see on the main site,, are really not meant for younger eyes, especially kids.

So a site for the younger ones was designed by waptick named ‘wapkid’. Wapkid contains only applications suitable for kids’ use. Games, music, themes, videos, pictures, and wallpapers are accessible on the kids’ site, wapkid.

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